Gerard Cadevall

Gerard Cadevall Daniel is an engineer, journalist and photographer born in Barcelona who has published his works through different media channels. Moving away from the most classic photojournalism, he has worked in advertising, sports, cultural, and social photography. Perhaps because of his multidisciplinary training, his art reaches countless places without losing his identity along the way.

His work has a profound impact on the spectator: it surprises, captivates and ends up catching them. Through his camera, he reinterprets styles such as minimalism, abstract art, or surrealism. Being a romantic of film development, this mix of styles serves him as the basis for the game he proposes: to positivize life in colourful scenes. That’s how he achieves a beauty that expands away from darkness, transforming reality into new floating dreams. His talent for turning common things around it’s not a mere aesthetic fact but it implies a criticism of today's society. In his artwork, you can hardly distinguish the body of a person, a critique of the accelerated dehumanization of our times.

Through his art, Gerard wants to contribute to transforming society into something better while he expresses his supreme love for nature and for its preservation. Scientist of the details and artist of the discovery, his work is immersed in nuances and dreamlike environments. His images are of eternal beauty.

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