Carmelo Canales

Carmelo Canales Castro-Urdiales (Santander) 1966

He dedicated his life to art since childhood, beginning  to discover music in the first place, to which he devoted himself professionally since 1988 alternating with drawing.

In 1992, at the age of 27, he disappeared from the whole world and closed himself off for years in almost total isolation surrounded by his  cats from whom he claims to have learned almost everything.

The beings he gives life to are projections of a not too distant future. The influence of the scientist Ray Kurzweil is increasing in his work .

A new era is coming. The creatures of his universe communicate among themselves without the need to use traditional senses, cohabiting between maps and plans of perfect colors in a place where order prevails, an order that seeks to counteract the disaster of an increasingly chaotic world. Painting is his therapy. "Without art there is no life or room for hope."

Canales  supports the theory of retroprogression created by writer Salvador Pániker, who defends the need to advance simultaneously towards rationalist secularization and mystical origin. Perhaps for this reason, he  uses a very ancient technique, painting.

the title to his works as “Retroprogressive portraits”

This artist investigates the human body and its evolution in a near future, while seeking at the same time the keys to unlock  the mysteries of the brain.

A tireless and curious seeker by nature, he has researched among various religions throughout his life without finding the right answers, although he confesses that Buddhism saved his life once.

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