Álvaro Borobio

Álvaro Borobio (Madrid, 1984) invites us, with his particular artistic expressiveness, to explore new alternatives of relation with nature and architecture on the part of the human being, shaping other possibilities of reality. “Through painting I wanted to reflect my concerns about society, how it relates to each other and, in turn, to the planet Earth. These are studies, analyzes and personal perspectives that, supported by contemporary urban theories and scientific procedures of how to inhabit, penetrate new ways of conceiving the city and its relation with the human being, and at the same time, how the fabricated by the Nature blends in with that man-made. “Through his vivid and energetic color palette, Borobio seeks to awaken new moods and invite reflection, taking us to it through situations and places far from the common or what daily. It is thus questioning the rhythm that dominates the world in which we live, offering for it other alternatives of places, different ways of inhabiting, in a theoretical, hypothetical way … But, therefore, impossible?

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